A Step Toward
Better Relationships

Skilled Therapists Bringing You Effective Counseling Services

A Step Toward Better Relationships

Skilled Therapists Bringing You Effective Counseling Services

Marriage and Family

Let Us Help Improve Your Marriage and Family Life

Since 2015, Sessions Counseling Group has been providing excellent therapy services. Our qualified therapists possess unique talent and experience. Located in Valley Village, California, we offer a welcoming and private environment.


What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

We collaborate with each client during every meeting to build a customized roadmap that leads to joy, aliveness, and personal fulfillment. Our therapists support you in rebuilding and improving your relationship.

Apart from in‑office sessions, we also perform online therapy through Zoom. This telehealth service is ideal for people who want to stay in the comfort of their homes.



Committed Advocates

Our team is friendly to LGBTQIA+ members. We work hard to support clients who identify with communities that were and are systemically oppressed and disenfranchised.

Our Clients

The people who visit us are creative, thoughtful, and reflective. They look for a more expansive understanding of the world around them.

There is no single formula for therapy. Your therapist is uniquely guided and inspired by the collaborative work that comes with you. After their time with us, past and current clients report a renewed feeling of flow, confidence, and connection in their lives.

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How To Begin

  • 1 Visit our therapists so that you can determine who might be right for you.
  • 2 Contact your preferred therapist directly by phone or email to schedule a consultation. Session fees may vary depending on each therapist and their availability.
  • 3 You may also contact the administration to express your needs, and we will help determine the best therapist for you.
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Have Questions or Concerns?

Reach out to us today to receive the answers you need. Our friendly and reliable team is always ready to provide you with exceptional counseling services.